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Expooya System – the marketing and service partner for trade fairs, congresses and other events

All trade fair services from a single source

we offer a wide range of services, including logistics, stand construction, marketing, food services and catering, all of which help to bring out the best in your event. We are extending our range of analogue and digital services on an ongoing basis, investing wherever we see the best opportunity to create value for our customers.



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Logistics services

DescrWhether delivering your goods, storing material or renting out forklifts and cranes, Expooya System offers a wide range of logistics services on its exhibition grounds. Fast, reliable and perfectly coordinated.


Effective marketing is central to successful trade fair activities, as it helps you to raise your company’s profile. You can convey your messages directly to interested members of your target market.

Stand construction

Leave it to the experts. After all, the Fair construction specialists will be designing and constructing your stand . For you, this means short, time-saving distances, superior quality and competitive conditions.


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